An incredible graffiti experience with Hosh


The children's drafts

The Children drew and painted their designs for Hosh who created with their pictures the design for the school.


We want to say Thank you so much to Cristo Corona for such as incredible gift. Thanks for coming and sharing your music, for dedicating you time to the children, for approaching the Hip Hop world to the students, and for giving them the chance to take part in a freestyle workshop. We will never forget you and thanks for your generosity.

The children rapping

All the children rapped in front of Cristo Corona. It was an amazing experience to take part of the urban art thanks to one of the greatest rappers of Ibiza.The workshop motivated the children. Learning by doing is what remain in the children training and this opportunity with a real artist has been an exceptional class.

Rapping at Poeta Villangómez school from amparo cervera on Vimeo.


Cristo Corona approached the hip hop to the children who interviewed him. The children were very curious.They asked him lots of questions about his training his experiences with lots of relevant rappers and other musicians. It was a wonderful experience to get know one of our rappers.He was very friendly and close to the kids. After the performance He encouraged the students to write down a rap. Then the children worked in groups and they tried to invent the lyrics, Cristo all the time was checking their creations and helping them because it was a hard work, but with the help of a professional it was fine and easier.

CRISTO CORONA sang a rap to the children

Cristo Corona sang one of his rap to the children who were fascinated by his music.

CRISTO CORONA at Poeta Villangómez school from amparo cervera on Vimeo.

Cristo Corona at Poeta Villangómez school I from amparo cervera on Vimeo.

CRISTO CORONA the rapper.

Cristo Corona one of the greatest rappers of Ibiza who is taking an active part of the Hip Hop scence of the islands with his Music and his talent has visited Poeta Villangómez.


We are so happy and please to Meet one of the greatest graffiti writers of Ibiza. With his generosity the children will have an unforgettable experience with a real artist. Hosh will come back soon to paint one of the walls of the school with the help of the students. THANKS SO MUCH TO JOSHUA SOCIAS MOLINA as HOSH for giving us such as wonderful present.

Some of HOSH art works.

Hosh in one of those artists that create Art for different contexts.One of his proposals is the 3D graffiti boxes.In the following video you can see how He works for companies helping them in the promotions and creations of their logos through a funny and original invention.Have a look! The children will participate in such as original project.

A GRAFFITI WORKSHOP BY HOSH at Poeta Villangómez school

One of the most creative and relevant graffiti writes of the Balearic islands visited Poeta Villangómez school. He approached the world of the graffiti through a workshop where the children interacted with the artist through different activities. First of all Hosh explained to the students the roots of the graffiti, after that He showed them some videos of his exhibitions of Art. Hosh brought to the classroom some pieces of Art like denim jackets, caps etc. He also showed the kids the technique for decorating and designing their own clothes. it was cool. When Hosh was little he learnt from magazines. He brought some of those magazines. It was useful because the children got inspiration for their designs. Finally Hosh who was all the time very friendly and very close to the children taught them how to draw a graffiti and the different letters.